Ergon Capital

Created in 2005, Ergon Capital is a private equity fund operating in the mid-market segment.
Business area
Private equity
Registered office
Brussels, Belgium
€ 863 M Initial Commitment (06/30/2020)
€ 694 M Capital Invested (06/30/2020)
€ 168 M Remaining Commitment (06/30/2020)
16 % Share in portfolio (06/30/2020)

Ergon Capital Partners makes equity investments from EUR 25 million up to EUR 75 million in leading companies with a sustainable competitive position in attractive niche markets located in the Benelux, Italy, Iberia, France, Germany and Switzerland.

€ 310 M Stake value (06/30/2020)
€ 782 M Distribution received to date (06/30/2020)

ECP I was founded in 2005 with shareholders consisting of GBL and Parcom Capital, a former subsidiary of ING, and with EUR 150 million in assets under management. In 2007, these same shareholders backed a second fund, ECP II, in the amount of EUR 275 million. GBL also supported a third fund of initially EUR 350 million, which was later successfully increased to EUR 500 million. Ergon closed its fourth fund, ECP IV, at EUR 581 million with a diverse and high-quality LP base, of which Sienna is EUR 200 million.

Sienna Capital receives certain preferential financial terms in relation to its support of ECP IV.