PrimeStone was established in 2014 by three former partners from The Carlyle Group, specialising in buyouts, and who have worked and invested together across Europe for more than 20 years.
Business area
European equities
Registered office
London, United Kingdom
€ 150 M Initial Commitment (06/30/2020)
€ 150 M Capital Invested (06/30/2020)
9 % Share in portfolio (06/30/2020)

PrimeStone has a strategy of constructive and active management in mid-sized listed European companies that have significant value creation potential through strategic, operational or financial improvement. PrimeStone creates value by taking a long-term perspective, adopting an active approach and having a significant influence over its underlying investments through a constructive dialogue with boards and management teams.

€ 168 M Stake value (06/30/2020)

As part of a long-term agreement, Sienna Capital invested EUR 150 million in February 2015. In exchange for its support of PrimeStone, Sienna Capital benefits from certain favourable financial terms.