Financing of renewable energy infrastructure

Since 2011, Sienna Private Credit has been a recognized player in the financing of renewable energy infrastructure, an asset class well-suited to investors seeking long-term, safe and regular returns, inflation protection and diversification with low correlation to financial markets.

Particularly appropriate for meeting long-term savings or investment requirements, these investments are secured by long-term energy take-up contracts supporting a sustainable distribution of income.

Our Funds address today’s environmental emergencies

Our initiatives are a natural fit for a strategy of allocating assets towards a low-carbon economy. They carry the Greenfin label (formerly called Energy and Ecological Transition for Climate) and produce a quantified environmental indicator calculated as CO2 avoided.

Renewable energies and energy efficiency are a recognized area of expertise for Sienna Private Credit. These investments, now secured by a stable regulatory environment and proven technically sound, have made it possible to create an asset class that is attractive in terms of yield and duration, as well as indisputable carbon impact.

Article 173 of the French Energy Transition and Green Growth Act requires that institutional investors specify actions taken to help limit global warming below 2°C. In this context, the government label known as Greenfin was created to identify private investments that contribute to the struggle against climate change.

  • ‘Green portion’ of each fund calculated per Greenfin label
  • Compliance of underlying assets with a carbon reduction policy
  • Reduction of environmental, social and governance risks/controversies related to investments or borrowers
  • Compliance with the ICMA’s Green Bond Principles (GBP)

Learn more about the Greenfin label and the RE funds benefiting from this label.