Press release

Relyens and Sienna Private Credit join forces to finance the ecological transition of local authorities

Relyens and Sienna Private Credit have decided to redirect the fund launched in 2018 dedicated to local authorities to focus on financing the ecological transition.

The regulations of the Fonds Commun de Titrisation, renamed Relyens Investissements et Territoires, have been adapted so that it invests exclusively in sustainable projects linked to the energy transition, the renovation and construction of efficient buildings, waste management and water treatment, clean transport and adaptation to climate change. With this development, the Fund is in line with Relyens’ purpose, which is to act and innovate alongside those working in the public interest to build a world of trust. To realise these new ambitions, Relyens has decided to increase its investment capacity by €20 million in 2023, bringing the total size of the fund to €95 million.

Read the full announcement here (in French).