Real Estate

The Sienna IM Group’s Real Estate expertise acquires and manages commercial real estate for clients across Europe, thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the pan-European real estate investment and asset management market.

Sienna IM’s Real Estate team position themselves as a long-term strategic partner for local and international investors, advising and accompanying them throughout the entire investment cycle of a property, from the acquisition, to the administration of the asset or property, to the sale process.

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Our investment strategies

offices across Europe and Asia

Our services

Sienna IM’s Real Estate team advises its clients and covers all investment management services, from acquisition to disposal and management throughout the investment cycle, considered the most efficient investment structure.

Acquisition management

Our team identifies real estate investment opportunities that meet the requirements of our clients. Thanks to extensive experience, excellent local network, and professional colleagues, the firm can guide clients towards a successful acquisition.

Asset management

Our team manages the execution of our clients’ business plans. This includes reporting, monitoring the obligations of the purchase or lease agreement, negotiating with (new) tenants, and providing clients with market research.

Property management

Our team manages the daily operations of our clients’ real estate assets, ensuring that tenants are satisfied and that clients’ investments are successful. Because the firm’s property management team works closely with the acquisition and asset management teams, Sienna IM’s Real Estate expertise can better understand our clients’ strategy and better execute their business plans.

Corporate management

Our team manages the process of coordinating, establishing, controlling, and managing special purpose vehicles (SPV) for clients, from registration to liquidation or sale, including accounting and verification of tax returns.


As experts in our local markets, and because of a depth knowledge of our assets, our team provides clients with the best possible exit strategy, while assisting during its execution.