Corporate Real Estate Financing

The real estate debt products designed, deployed and managed by Sienna IM’s Private Credit team invest in senior mortgages, initiated by the management team or brought to it by the market.

The loans are backed by various types of real estate assets (office or retail buildings, logistics warehouses, hotels, etc.) located in France and Europe. Our real estate debt products thus offer investors an instrument for diversifying their portfolios fixed- or floating-
rate allocation, subject to LTV limits that greatly prevent volatility, thus reducing the allocation of regulatory capital required.

Key components of our real estate debt investment strategies

The range of products offered (in closed and/or dedicated fund format or discretionary management) covers a relatively open risk/return spectrum, based on specific strategies.
The offering includes expertise in the entire value chain, including origination and structuring capacity, legal competence, and internal corporate credit analysis expertise. The management team is comprised of qualified professionals.

  • To boost funds’ rate of deployment as assets by diversifying asset eligibility according to sector and geographic area without compromising on risk
  • To rely on the track record and networks of the management team and aiming for a significant share of direct origination
  • To aim for a net investor return that is significantly higher than comparable liquid assets (Real Estate Investment Trusts corporate bonds)
  • To focus on identifying and managing valuation risks associated with collateral assets
  • To limit LTV for the most expensive assets and manage our exposures dynamically (rapid exercise of loan covenants and security enforcement)