With €34 billion under management (as of December 2023), Sienna Investment Managers provides support to companies and individuals that want to see a sustainable and inclusive economy.

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About us

Sienna Investment Managers is a multiple-expertise pan-European asset manager of the publicly traded investment holding company GBL (Groupe Bruxelles Lambert), with offices in Luxembourg, London, Paris, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Seoul.

Spanning listed and private assets (real estate and private debt), Sienna IM builds bespoke and innovative solutions for its clients, with purpose.



Sienna’s DNA is to act with purpose to protect the future. Hence, we are fully involved in the development of our communities both at the corporate and at our stakeholder levels : our investee companies, our clients, the territories where we invest, and our teams.

Sienna’s role is to directly finance the economy with a medium to long-term vision, therefore, we are committed with the companies we invest in . To do so, we have developed an ambitious CSR strategy directed both at Sienna and at our investee companies. As such, we systematically focus on climate, biodiversity and DE&I challenges and make our best to implement real-life solutions.

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