Private debt: B2B lending in a digitalised world

Interview with Wissem Bourbia, Fund Director – Granular Financing, Sienna IM – Private Debt

At Sienna IM – Private Debt, Wissem Bourbia is developing an investment strategy that consists of financing fractional payments to corporate clients of BtoB e-commerce platforms.

The digitalisation of commerce, including in the BtoB sphere, is prompting e-tailers to want to integrate the granting of credit into their services. As a result, e-commerce sites are now offering fractional payments. The online credit distribution process relies on the technology of fintech partners. Prior to granting credit, Sienna IM defines its company eligibility criteria as part of its private debt investment strategy. Then, in order to meet the demand for instant credit, Sienna IM pre-analyses the companies that are clients of the partner platforms.

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