Kartesia offers liquidity and credit solutions to mid-sized European companies, while providing a higher stable return to its investors.
Business area
Debt fund
Registered office
€ 300 M Initial Commitment (06/30/2020)
€ 268 M Capital Invested (06/30/2020)
€ 32 M Remaining Commitment (06/30/2020)
11 % Share in portfolio (06/30/2020)

Kartesia wishes to facilitate the participation of institutional investors and major individual investors in the European LBO debt market, by offering them exposure to highly rated, resilient and diversified credit through primary, secondary or rescue financing operations carried out with duly selected mid-sized companies.

€ 205 M Stake value (06/30/2020)
€ 147 M Distribution received to date (06/30/2020)

KCO III successfully closed at EUR 507.5 million, of which EUR 150 million from Sienna Capital, while KCO IV successfully closed at EUR 870 million, of which EUR 150 million from Sienna Capital. Since Sienna Capital’s first investment the team have raised over EUR 2.5 billion.

In exchange for providing Day 1 capital to support the launch of Kartesia, Sienna Capital receives certain preferred economics.