Merieux Equity Partners

Established in 2009, Mérieux Developpement invests in growth equity and venture capital within the healthcare and nutrition sectors.
Business area
Registered office
Lyon, France
€ 75 M Initial Commitment (06/30/2020)
€ 63 M Capital Invested (06/30/2020)
€ 12 M Remaining Commitment (06/30/2020)
3 % Share in portfolio (06/30/2020)

Mérieux Equity Partners is an AIFM management company owned by Merieux Développement, an Affiliate of Institut Merieux, and by the management team and it is dedicated to venture capital and growth equity investments within the healthcare and nutrition sectors. The companies in its portfolio benefit from privileged access to the industrial, commercial and scientific networks of Institut Mérieux’s subsidiaries in France and worldwide in compliance with the regulatory authorities.

Institut Merieux is an establishment industrial holding with global network in the healthcare and nutrition sectors, it employs 15,000 people worldwide and generated revenues representing circa in excess of EUR 3 billion in 2018.

€ 53 M Stake value (06/30/2020)
€ 19 M Distribution received to date (06/30/2020)

In 2014, Sienna Capital committed an amount of EUR 75 million dedicated to the two funds managed by Mérieux Equity Partners, Mérieux Participations and Mérieux Participations 2.

Sienna Capital benefits from certain favourable financial terms for its support of Mérieux Participations I and Mérieux Participations 2.